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Chaos Campaign Patchnotes v0.96

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Chaos Campaign: MARROWKAI'S POWER GRAB Update is now upon us!

The Chaos Empire is on the brink of restoration, but a false idol threatens to unravel your efforts in this ambitious Stick War 2 Mod! Play it HERE now!




  • REAPER BUFF: Life steal on reap

  • HELLFISTS BUFF: # of hell fists increases with difficulty! Life steal on fist


  • WINGIDON HASTE BUFF: Now falls off faster if you are not moving

  • WINGIDON HASTE BUFF: Price decreased from 25 mana to 15 mana


NEW LEVEL: Marrowkai's Power Grab

  • Unite the Chaos Empire once and for all in this challenging level with a twist!

Endless Deads

  • Fixed Reinforcement Eclipsors following Medusa forever

  • Updated level tip: "Tip: Unlike most units, Eclipsors can fly over poison pools to avoid them!"


  • Adjusted reinforcement Eclipsors' behavior

  • Added reinforcement gold + mana when Eclipsors arrive

  • Lowered enemy starting Gold


  • Lowered enemy starting Miners

  • Lowered enemy starting Gold


  • The recently conquered Bombers are keen to display their unwavering loyalty to Medusa!

  • Stun Bombers, who dared make an attempt on the Queen's life, will now face their punishment in a solemn death march: one by one...


  • Fixed soft-lock that happened after cutscene sometimes

  • Locked cutscene camera on the action


  • Updated difficulty

  • Enemy Jug AI can now use charge

  • Improved textboxes and their timing


Moonlight Mountain

  • Improved Moonlight Mountain map

  • Lowered mountains a bit

Quality of Life:


  • Single out Medusa from her army with new hotkey shift + space

  • Cycle through your army unit selection with returning hotkey TAB

  • Fast forward hotkey has been moved: TAB → ` ("tilde" key, to the left of 1)

  • Append an entire unit type to your current selection by holding shift while performing a ctrl select

User Interface:

  • Updated and improved various UI components

  • More green/white, less yellow!

  • Added "Play More Mods" button


Lag Reduction

  • Restarting now properly ends the game to avoid compounding lag

  • Blood now disappears faster if there is a lot of it on the battlefield

  • Ash now disappears faster if there is a lot of it on the battlefield


We Hope You Enjoy the New Update!


Rate the mod and leave a comment on their mod page to let the creators know how you feel!

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