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CRAZYJAY Declares War On the Stick War Community?!

By banning YouTuber and Stick War Expert AsePlayer from the Stick War community without a word, Jason Whitham (aka CRAZYJAY) has really cemented the type of person he really is!

"I can go against community sentiment and treat AsePlayer like dirt because I'm wrong!" - BABYJAY

"When a leader is weak, he or she focuses solely on completing the task instead of helping the people to develop new skills and competencies. It's an ineffective leader who keeps their people playing small without investing in them, whether it is through neglect or because they view others as a threat.."


This new low comes after CRAZYJAY recently received a disappointing 13% approval rating on his abysmal Juggerknight redesign. Since AsePlayer rejected the design, the Cowardly Jay decided to ban and censor him from the development of Stick War 3 without warning.

You can learn more about the Juggerknight fiasco here, but stay tuned for even MORE in a future video! He is indeed coping, ladies and gentlemen! All will be revealed in due time.

Shortly afterwards, AsePlayer was unbanned by the moderators of the Stick War Discord, because as it turns out, CRAZYJAY hasn't exactly been a great guy to them either! There seems to be no consultation with the moderation team at all when CRAZYJAY bans anyone! Crazy how community sentiment works!

Ase then @everyone'd the Stick War Discord with the following message:

"BABYJAY Thinks he can go against community sentiment and treat me like dirt because he's wrong! Sucks to suck! We will make our voice heard!" - Ase

He was then swiftly rebanned by CRAZYJAY at 4am Canadian time. Looks like Jay didn't have anything better to do!

The truth is that it's impossible not to hold a grudge at the same time as banning someone silently. CRAZYJAY is covering more shit with piss!


What do you think of CRAZYJAY's actions?

  • Weak leader!

  • Totally sane developer!

  • Self-sabotaging momento!

  • Doesn't care about the community!

You can vote for more than one answer.

Learn more about CRAZYJAY's past actions by tuning into The Sins of Stick War 3, available on! More videos coming soon on the AsePlayer channel as well! #SaveSW and make your voice heard!


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the sun
the sun
Oct 03, 2022

this is just sad breh


Oct 02, 2022

Well I mean I hope at least develepmont on the game is still continuing


Hmmm, series self destruction....


Mr Water
Mr Water
Oct 01, 2022


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