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How to Download Stick War 3 on Mobile & PC

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Having a frustrating time trying to find a download for Stick War 3? You're not alone! Stick War 3 is currently in its BETA phase, meaning it is not publicly accessible to everybody. As a Stick War Expert who has been uploading Stick War 3 videos since its initial alpha release, I know exactly how to get into Stick War 3 BETA; and I will share that with you today!

If you follow these simple steps, you will be playing Stick War 3 BETA on Mobile & PC in no time!

How to get Stick War 3 on iOS

If you are confused on how to download Stick War 3 on iOS, you are not alone! The process for downloading BETA applications on iOS cannot begin without this first crucial step being completed!

Head on over to the app store and search for the beta testing app called "TestFlight" and install it. Who knew playing beta games required an entire separate app?

Once you have TestFlight installed, you can click here to download Stick War 3 BETA!

UPDATE: Certain regions may now be able to download the public version of Stick War 3 directly through the App Store. Try here!

How to get Stick War 3 on Android


WARNING: Make sure you are on a 64-bit Android version. (32-bit will NOT work)

For assistance in setting this up, consult these external sources:

If you are an Android user, you are in luck! Historically, Android's Playstore has always had a more relaxed policy when it comes to apps. This allows for BETA applications to be downloaded directly from the Playstore itself!

Stick War 3 on Google Playstore
Stick War 3 on Google Playstore

To download Stick War 3 on Android, you can search for it on the Playstore or go to this link!

How to get Stick War 3 on PC

While Stick War 3 is currently exclusively a Mobile game, that does not mean it can't be played on PC! Android emulators are a great option for playing Mobile games on your PC, and Stick War 3 is no exception!

Screenshot of NoxPlayer website

While there are many to choose from, the Stick War community largely agrees that the best Android emulators to play Stick War 3 on PC are: Bluestacks & Noxplayer.

Screenshot of Bluestacks website

After installing your Android emulator of choice, you are almost ready to play Stick War 3! To download Stick War 3 on an Android emulator, you can search for it on the Playstore or go to this link just like Android!

After downloading the game, it is worth spending time to setup hotkeys, particularly for User Controlling your units. Learn how to here.

How to get Stick War 3 any time

The download links to Stick War 3 for iOS & Android are always linked in the description of all of my Stick War 3 videos! Make sure to subscribe so if you ever forget, you know where to find them!

Still have questions? Ask them in the Q&A section of our Forum and get helpful answers from our Stick War community today!

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to UPDATE!

Stick War 3 is in active BETA development! This means updates can be frequent and your versions will expire eventually! Make sure to check back in TestFlight or the Playstore for updates to your Stick War 3 app! You can also check for updates on the official Stick War Discord.

Have fun!

The point of this post was to tell you how to download Stick War 3 on Mobile and PC, and I hope I was able to help you with this! Have fun and don't forget to subscribe to the Stick War Expert on YouTube to stay up to date on all things Stick War 3!

Wondering why your friend is on a different version than you? Click here.

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Traitor 1231
Traitor 1231
Sep 19, 2022

Uh...Ase about the android and IOS gameplay it doesn't work for other stuff like android IOS

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