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How to get SW3 Closed Beta Version 2022.1.2854 (Android)

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Have you been STUCK in the open beta of Stick War 3?

Discover how to download the closed beta version 2022.1.2854 of Stick War 3 for Android AND uncover the two NEW UNITS "Juggerknight" and "Ripptor Rider" through a SECRET GLITCH!

After some simple setup and installation, you'll be playing the new Stick War 3 update in no time, courtesy of RinasSam! Video tutorial available here!

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These are the files needed to install SW3 Closed Beta Version 2022.1.2854 for 64-bit Android devices. WARNING: WILL NOT WORK ON 32-bit!

Because SW3 is a huge game, we will need to unpack the .apks file:

Luckily, this can be quickly done by following the steps below!



Step 0: Make sure you are on a 64-bit Android version. (32-bit will NOT work)

For assistance in setting this up, consult these external sources:

Step 1: Download SAI (SplitAPKInstaller) from one of the following sources:

With Split APK Installer, you can install multiple .apk's from different sources as if the .apk's were one package. This is useful for installing App Bundles, as Android does not support installing App Bundles from sources other than Google Play.

Step 2: Go to "Settings > Security > Install Unknown Apps > SAI", and enable it to install unknown apps.

Step 3: Move the .apks file to your Device.

Step 4: Open SAI and click "Install APKs".

Step 5: Find the .apks file, select it, then click install:

Step 6: If all works, you should be good to go!


How to play SW3 on PC:

NOTE: This closed beta download is only available for Android users!

Although Stick War 3 is currently exclusive to mobile devices, that does not mean PC and iOS users are out of luck with this update! Mobile games can be played on PC via an Android emulator, and Stick War 3 is no exception to that rule!

Learn how to play Stick War 3 on PC here! (Make sure to use 64-bit emulator!)



If you are in the closed beta, you can always help by providing us (and others) the files to the closed beta. You can do this via SAI easily:

Step 1: Download SAI.

Step 2: Click "Backup".

Step 3: Choose "Internal File Picker".

Step 4: Choose anywhere on your phone to extract the closed beta files to.

Step 5: Click on Stick War 3 app. Because SW3 is a huge game, it is split into 3 main .apk files. Make sure they are all selected:

  • com.maxgames.stickwar3.apk - The base game.

  • config.arm64_v8a.apk - Hardware configuration, required to run the game.

  • UnityDataAssetPack.apk - All the assets needed.

Step 6: There should be a ".apks" file generated where you told SAI to backup to. That file is all we need. Upload to Google Drive, and you can send it here!

BONUS Step: Perform the SECRET GLITCH to unlock the NEW UNITS Juggerknight and Ripptor Rider!

Enjoy Stick War 3 Closed Beta! -AsePlayer


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