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It's AsePlayer's 22nd Birthday!

Mark your calendars! October 14th is a special day: a legend was born!

"I am so glad I never have to deal with school ever again!" - AsePlayer

Thank you all for your support throughout the years! It has been a joy demonstrating my talent and commitment to my favorite hobbies with all of you, whether it be web dev, archiving, modding, or YouTube! I am blessed to have built all that we have thus far!

Ase Celebration, made by Reknel!
Ase Celebration, made by Reknel!

For those of you who aren't in the loop,

here's what we achieved this year:

  • Started archiving Flash Games on my website! More to come!

  • Supercharged the Stick War Mods Section of my Site! New Mod every week!

  • New Chaos Campaign Levels (both Chaos & Order) with innovative custom units and gameplay!

  • Hype Montages and Trailers to accompany releases!

  • Created a small game! Maybe more info on that one day ;)

  • Started a Podcast! More episodes coming very soon!

And Most Importantly:

  • Graduated college with my degree in "Computer Science w/ an Emphasis in Game Design & Simulation"! Shoutout to my parents for all their support!


What's next?

Well, I don't want to spill ALL the beans, but I have many spicy things cooking, to say the least! On top of a bigger commitment to playing games I enjoy more, such as flash games, we will also be having some fun with Stick War despite the overwhelming circumstances! The podcast will be aplenty, and exciting new adventures await!


I hope you have a great day!

Enjoy this special occasion and may you all be successful in overcoming any obstacles you may be facing!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate ya and hope you are well!



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5 Σχόλια

Happy Birthday! However, I have a question: I am making a game inspired by Stick War called Stick Imperials. It will be similar to SW but will have things like naval battles. Is it legally okay? I thought you might be someone who knows.

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Ultralick Destroia
Ultralick Destroia
16 Οκτ 2023

Happy belated b-day I am so happy of what you accomplished man

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14 Οκτ 2023

Happy birthdASE! Wish you the best and for life to bloom even more accomplishments in your life! Bear hugs from Brazil 🫂

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