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Having been unable to explain away any of his problematic actions in Stick War discord, Crazy Jason posted an official Stick War 3 leak to save his face and negate any backlash from his young audience on October 4th, 2022:

"What has been leaked about shade have we seen her pic yet? I can't remember off the top. I gotta end this with somekinda leak" - Jason Whitham

The Official Leak

The Response

Although critics feared speaking out over it in Jason's presence, they had plenty to say when he left. To some, it was clear that she didn't look... quite right.

"Tf it's official? Wait don't tell me that's gonna be the permanent for shade"

"yeah shade in the official design looks like a guy ngl lmao"

"Is it just me or the current official shade design look more like a mercenary than an assassin?"

It is probably because Crazy Jason has been acting like a dictator and making decisions based on his own desires and his alone that he is so feared by his own followers on his official Discord channel.

Find out more about his own recent actions here:


Fanart Rendition (by Tempskie)

Vote for Tempskie's art in the Art Arena! In my opinion, the expressiveness of this fanart design is undoubtedly a significant improvement over the old stiff design! But don't take my word for it! Here's what some in the Stick War discord had to say:

"Holy shit that is awesome!"

"Now that looks like a design much closer to what I would expect out of the leader of the Shadowwraths"

"Actual head hair on a stickfigure in the Stick War series is also an original concept, but I think you executed it pretty well"

It looks like the talented fans of the community are keeping the main developer of Stick War honest! Mediocre leaks are no longer enough to satiate backlash! I wonder how he will respond!

What do you think?

Which Shade Art is SUPERIOR?

  • Crazy Jason's Official LEAK

  • Tempskie's Fanart Rendition of the LEAK

Deadline to Submit: November 29th!


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so many commanders seems stupid to me...


Oct 06, 2022

The biggest problem I have with the official design is that Shade looks more male than female

Though I have seen a lot of fanart that look much better than the official artwork, the reason I prefer Tempskie's Shade over CJ's Shade is that Tempskie's design fits better with who she is than CJ's design. Tempskie's Shade looks more like an assassin, matching up with the Shadowrath, while CJ's Shade just looks like a Swordwrath with two swords.

Only problem I have with Tempskie's design is that without her weapons Shade doesn't look much like a Shadowrath


Oct 06, 2022

How embarrassing...

Even fanart can outperform official ones in terms of quality...

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