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Age of War 2



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"Age of War 2" follows the series, refining the gameplay of its predecessor with improved graphics and design. As players safeguard their base through different historical eras, notable improvements include new eras, new unit types and the introduction of a 2x speed feature that accelerates the pace of the game.

The standout feature of "Age of War 2" lies in its introduction of fresh units and upgrades. This infusion injects greater complexity into the strategic aspects of the game, empowering players with a wider selection of choices when it comes to forming their armies and devising tactics.


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14 oct 2023

Btw, thanks to Ruffle emulator it is possible to play it online again -


Hi! I was wondering if I could submit my version of Age of War 2. It's a modified version where I bypassed the sitelock that restricts access to insane mode. Normally, with the version you have, insane mode doesn't work, so I made a hack where it does work. You can download it for free here. (Alternate link if this one doesn't work, scroll down to the save section)

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