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  • Kaizo Difficulty

    < Back Kaizo Difficulty By: Ase's Son & ShadowEmpire This mod was made just for the hard difficulty it offers, hard enemies that each have their outstanding special abilities; Enemy AI has also been buffed to give more of challenge overall. A kinda reworked tech system that buffs the player with displayed skins; Get: This mod was made just for the hard difficulty it offers, hard enemies that each have their outstanding special abilities; Enemy AI has also been buffed to give more of challenge overall. A kinda reworked tech system that buffs the player with displayed skins; Previous Next

  • Play Deady!

    Deady 1-Hit Wonder Action Beat 'Em Up Side-Scroller Gameplay: Download & Community: Download Fan Wiki Play Discord ? Deady the Evil Teddy is a cute little teddy bear that has become possessed by the greatest evil this galaxy of ours has to offer... Featuring the song "When You're Evil" - By Voltaire! A fun promotional game released in 2003 for the comic series "Deady" created by Voltaire. Creators: Voltaire Artix Entertainment More 1-Hit Wonders! Suggested Games Something Different Raft Wars Play Chaos Faction Play Chaos Faction 2 Play < Back comments debug Comments Se connecter Write a comment Write a comment Partagez vos idées Soyez le premier à rédiger un commentaire.

  • Age of War 2

    Age of War 2 Requires Ruffle to Run on Browser Currently Not Available on Ruffle!

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Blog Posts (29)

  • It's AsePlayer's 22nd Birthday!

    Mark your calendars! October 14th is a special day: a legend was born! "I am so glad I never have to deal with school ever again!" - AsePlayer Thank you all for your support throughout the years! It has been a joy demonstrating my talent and commitment to my favorite hobbies with all of you, whether it be web dev, archiving, modding, or YouTube! I am blessed to have built all that we have thus far! For those of you who aren't in the loop, here's what we achieved this year: Started archiving Flash Games on my website! More to come! Supercharged the Stick War Mods Section of my Site! New Mod every week! New Chaos Campaign Levels (both Chaos & Order) with innovative custom units and gameplay! Hype Montages and Trailers to accompany releases! Created a small game! Maybe more info on that one day ;) Started a Podcast! More episodes coming very soon! And Most Importantly: Graduated college with my degree in "Computer Science w/ an Emphasis in Game Design & Simulation"! Shoutout to my parents for all their support! What's next? Well, I don't want to spill ALL the beans, but I have many spicy things cooking, to say the least! On top of a bigger commitment to playing games I enjoy more, such as flash games, we will also be having some fun with Stick War despite the overwhelming circumstances! The podcast will be aplenty, and exciting new adventures await! I hope you have a great day! Enjoy this special occasion and may you all be successful in overcoming any obstacles you may be facing! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate ya and hope you are well! -AsePlayer

  • Chaos Campaign Patchnotes v0.98

    Chaos Campaign: ORDER BEGINS Update is now upon us! The Chaos Empire, now fully restored, hungers for unparlalled mayhem in this ambitious Stick War 2 Mod Update! Play it HERE now! ↓ (PATCH NOTES BELOW) ↓ New Levels: Scouting Party: Unexpected Guests En route to the Order Empire, Queen Medusa's dominion crosses paths with an unexpected scouting party. They shall not live to tell tale of the encounter! Raiding Party: Attack at Fern Crest Queen Medusa sets her sights on the tranquil towns nestled betwixt the grass hills, plotting a coordinated attack. They shall bear witness to her dreaded return... Lost Giant A lost Giant trying to find his way back home... New Units: True Queen Medusa Unlocks when the Chaos Empire is back together! Buffed stone ability also deals AoE damage! Buffed poison pool summons a poisoned poison bomber! Explosion Cluster Magikill Casts an explosion with subsequent mini-explosions surrounding it Stacks up to 5x, increasing the number of mini-explosions Poison Spray Summoning Magikill Casts a spray of poison and spawns minions on borrowed time Stacks up to 5x, increasing the number of minions spawned Electric Wall Stunning Magikill Casts a stunning electric wall that moves Stacks up to 5x, increasing the speed of the wall Sneaky Shadowrath Cloaks into the darkness, turning completely invisible! Teleports behind you. It's nothing personal Exploding Albowtross Each arrow explodes on impact! Falls from the sky, delivering the most devastating belly flop imaginable. Shielding + Bashing Speartons Speartons can adapt their strategy to take a more defensive or aggressive approach when fighting. Berserk Swordwrath Channels their rage to deal double damage! So mad they even heal! Clubwrath They bonk and deal stun! Castle Archidons on the Ground AOE! Ouch! Robinhood Archidons Fire Arrows! Yeouch! New Features: Scouting Level Kill all scouts to win No enemy statue Raid Level Instaqueue Certain units available Background characters who run in as reinforcements Destroy all camps to win Cinematic Level w/ Cutscene Peak storytelling Balance: Giant Level Player gains access to statue bombers when boss giant shows up Endless Deads Level Normal mode is less difficult Made level more "reasonable" Marrowkai Level Boss Marrowkai has better AI and will retreat on low HP Enemies can now prioritize your moving statue if they are close to it We Hope You Enjoy the New Update! Rate the mod and leave a comment on their mod page to let the creators know how you feel!

  • Territory War 3: ALL ITEMS UNLOCKED!

    Hey what's up guys, AsePlayer here, and I'm excited to have you along for another awesome Flash game spotlight. Today, we're diving into the world of Territory War 3 – a game that's been loved by many and holds a special spot in online gaming history. Multiplayer Eulogy Remember the time when Territory War 3 was a cool online game on Xgen Studios? I sure do! You could challenge your friends, unlock cool stuff for your team, and even buy some extra swag with irl cash. But, sadly, when the game's servers went away, all the fun stuff went with them. You couldn't even change your team's looks when playing offline! :( Bringing Back the Fun Now, here's where things get interesting. As a big fan of old flash games, I felt sad about this problem. The best part of Territory War 3 was making your team look cool! Plus, the way you could change your look in this game was the best out of all the games in the series. So, I decided to do something about it. Armed with a flash decompiler and a dream, I went into the game's code. My goal? To remove the parts that stopped you from using cool items (and the server checks that came along with it). And guess what? I did it! Now, you can use all the awesome items in the game – like hats, accessories, and cool weapon styles. It's like a blast from the past! This is a big deal because these items have been hidden away for a long time. Every feature is put into a game with love and care, so it's a joy when you get to experience the full vision! Screenshot Your Boot: Stay tuned for more, keep it cool, and let's keep the flash gaming spirit alive!

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