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The Ultimate Stick War Fan Site is Born! - Welcome to the Ase Place!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Welcome to my latest Stick War 3 passion project.

The Ase Place is the ultimate Stick War Fan website! Born out of my desire to connect the Stick War community in much deeper and more meaningful way than mere YouTube videos or Discord servers can achieve alone, this site is a love-letter to the Stick War community! Whether you like to post with friends in the forums or comment on your favorite artist's work, there's something for everyone at the Ase Place to enjoy!

When I surveyed the Stick War community with the AsePlayer Content Survey, 85%+ of you appeared to share a similar sentiment!

This site is what I envision as the ultimate Stick War 3 community hangout spot! With tons of fun and interactive ways to participate in the community, there's nothing else quite like it out there! From artists to writers to lore enthusiasts and everything in between, there's something for everyone in the Stick War community to enjoy at the Ase Place!



The Ase Place is jam-packed full of fantastic features essential for a growing & thriving community! Don't believe me? Scroll down at your own risk!

Fully Customizable Profile!

This website features a fully functional account system! The ability to express yourself and link your social media on the Profile was a core principle for me when designing the site! Stick War Artists actually getting the credit they DESERVE has never been easier!


AsePlayer Blog!

Oh you mean like right now?

When surveying about the potential for a Stick War blog on the AsePlayer Content Survey, the overwhelming majority of you shared the desire for my expertise and opinions on all things Stick War!

I am actually the most excited for this blog, and I hope to get a lot of interesting written content out there, as I am capable of a lot more besides just videos! I will be covering all the current Stick War discourse as well as talking about my favorite content being posted on the site by the community!

If this intrigues you, stay tuned for plenty to come!


Art Arena!

The Art Arena is where verified talented Stick War artists compete for community approval! Members of the Ase Place can upvote and comment on their favorite artworks and support the artists DIRECTLY by going to their profile and peeping their social media!

To begin posting in the Art Arena, verify you are an Artist in the Forums today!


Stick War Forum!

Although the StickPage Forums are gone, they will never be forgotten!

When surveying about the idea of a Stick War forum in my AsePlayer Content Survey, the overwhelming majority of you shared the desire for a high quality Stick War Forum experience!

This Stick War Forum is the central core of the Ase Place. The community can interact and post in many different categories, upvoting and downvoting the posts you think deserve it the most!

Here's a list of the current categories available on the Stick War Forum!


So, what do you think?

Have an idea to improve the site? Make yourself heard on the Stick War Forum!


Thanks for reading! Hope to see ya around!

- AsePlayer

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