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Chaos Campaign Patchnotes v0.98

Chaos Campaign: ORDER BEGINS Update is now upon us!

The Chaos Empire, now fully restored, hungers for unparlalled mayhem in this ambitious Stick War 2 Mod Update! Play it HERE now!


New Levels:

Scouting Party: Unexpected Guests

  • En route to the Order Empire, Queen Medusa's dominion crosses paths with an unexpected scouting party. They shall not live to tell tale of the encounter!

Raiding Party: Attack at Fern Crest

  • Queen Medusa sets her sights on the tranquil towns nestled betwixt the grass hills, plotting a coordinated attack. They shall bear witness to her dreaded return...

Lost Giant

  • A lost Giant trying to find his way back home...

New Units:

True Queen Medusa

  • Unlocks when the Chaos Empire is back together!

  • Buffed stone ability also deals AoE damage!

  • Buffed poison pool summons a poisoned poison bomber!

Explosion Cluster Magikill

  • Casts an explosion with subsequent mini-explosions surrounding it

  • Stacks up to 5x, increasing the number of mini-explosions

Poison Spray Summoning Magikill

  • Casts a spray of poison and spawns minions on borrowed time

  • Stacks up to 5x, increasing the number of minions spawned

Electric Wall Stunning Magikill

  • Casts a stunning electric wall that moves

  • Stacks up to 5x, increasing the speed of the wall

Sneaky Shadowrath

  • Cloaks into the darkness, turning completely invisible!

  • Teleports behind you. It's nothing personal

Exploding Albowtross

  • Each arrow explodes on impact!

  • Falls from the sky, delivering the most devastating belly flop imaginable.

Shielding + Bashing Speartons

  • Speartons can adapt their strategy to take a more defensive or aggressive approach when fighting.

Berserk Swordwrath

  • Channels their rage to deal double damage!

  • So mad they even heal!


  • They bonk and deal stun!

Castle Archidons on the Ground

  • AOE! Ouch!

Robinhood Archidons

  • Fire Arrows! Yeouch!

New Features:

Scouting Level

  • Kill all scouts to win

  • No enemy statue

Raid Level

  • Instaqueue

  • Certain units available

  • Background characters who run in as reinforcements

  • Destroy all camps to win

Cinematic Level w/ Cutscene

  • Peak storytelling


Giant Level

  • Player gains access to statue bombers when boss giant shows up

Endless Deads Level

  • Normal mode is less difficult

  • Made level more "reasonable"

Marrowkai Level

  • Boss Marrowkai has better AI and will retreat on low HP

  • Enemies can now prioritize your moving statue if they are close to it


We Hope You Enjoy the New Update!


Rate the mod and leave a comment on their mod page to let the creators know how you feel!

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Aneesh Potakamuri
Aneesh Potakamuri
Nov 09, 2023

So far the best Stick War 2 mod so far. Keep up the good work Ase!


Ash Art
Ash Art
Oct 30, 2023

Neat, new update!

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