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How to Grow Using the Ase Place!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

As an artist these days, it is near impossible to grow your audience by posting artworks by themselves. However, the Ase Place is here to help!

Art by ND KING

Getting your Discord featured on a fanart gallery is nice and all, but what does that actually do for you, the artist? It's no secret that Stick War artists have needed better ways to promote themselves in a meaningful way. Luckily, the Ase Place is here to help with the brand new Art Arena! Once verified, artists can begin to post their artwork and get rated by the Ase Place community! However, there are more ways to grow than just posting, though!

Here are 5 simple ways you can begin growing using the Ase Place today!

Tip #1 - Self promote yourself, seriously

When creating this site, it was an important core principle to give credit where credit is due. At the Ase Place, you can link your social media to your profile, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & NewGrounds! This gives you free self-promotion wherever you post, as your socials are just one click away!

Tip #2 - Link to your posts

Rather than post your new fan-art on a Discord channel by itself, share your art from the Art Arena with an link today! This will give you more opportunities to self-promote with your profile's socials and grow your audience! You are also able to receive likes and comments from other users on the site! It's a win-win!

"I would've given credit if I knew who made it!" - someone on the internet, probably

Tip #3 - Watermark your art

In this day and age, you should be watermarking all your prized arts. This will annoy art thieves and more importantly tell people who made the piece! Find a good mix of informative but not too overbearing when designing your watermark!

Tip #4 - Mix it up with a Collab

The Art Arena features the ability to tag users in posts, making it prime for collaboration! Working on an amazing piece of artwork together is an excellent way to cross-promote between your two audiences! Create a stunning piece together that outshines them all!

Tip #5 - Get Front-paged!

AsePlayer regularly checks out the Art Arena and picks his favorites to feature on the front-page of the Ase Place! Post your proudest & most novel art for the best chance to receive a spot in Ase's Favorites! The feature will link directly to your main post as well.

Get Posting & Have Fun!

Posting your artwork on the Ase Place's Art Arena is a fun and easy way to grow your audience and receive feedback. The voting system also allows for some... friendly competition to say the least. You can effortlessly share links to your artwork on places like Discord and Facebook while simultaneously self-promoting at the same time. It really is a win-win!

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