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How to use NEW General THERA in Stick War 3 BETA

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The release of Thera, one of two new Generals in Stick War 3 BETA, has been a... unique one to say the least. Flying in the sky? Healing wards? Defying DEATH?! It can all get a bit complicated, so let's walk through it together. In this post, we will be breaking down each of Thera's powerful abilities with accompanying visual demonstrations, strategic analysis, fun facts & additional resources.

If you didn't know what Thera did before, you surely will after this!

It's time to learn:

How Thera works!


Thera is the General known as the "Leader of the Merics". She was initially introduced into the Stick War universe by CRAZYJAY on the official Stick War Discord on February 25, 2022. This was accompanied alongside an audio leak of a conversation between herself and Spearos.

For those who haven't seen it, you can view the Stick War 3 leak here.


  • Thera is a Light Magic General with the Order affiliation. She is the first Magic General to be added to the game!

  • Thera comes with 2 abilities: Healing Ward & Flight of the Foretold. She also has a standard heal.

  • Currently, when Thera runs out of health in the game, she dies. This is a bug with Merics, as Generals are usually meant to take the walk of shame back to base upon running out of health.

Healing Ward

  • Thera casts an AoE (area of effect) healing ward, rapidly healing nearby units. This is a portable version of the global "Healing Ward" spell, which allows the Player to choose where on the map to place the heal.

  • NOTE: Thera's Healing Ward DOES NOT cure units of poison. As the name implies, it exclusively heals. However, if you combine Thera with Chaos units, you won't need to worry about poison due to their auto-cure!

Flight of the Foretold

  • Thera flies into the sky and activates her projectile shield. All units who would "die" within her AoE while she is airborne will receive a 50 point heal. Lasts 10 seconds.

  • NOTE: This effect of "cheating death" can only be activated once per Unit.

  • Flight of the Foretold can also be used to allow Thera to escape imminent danger in most circumstances. Ironically, many assumed that this was all the ability did initially!

  • Although Thera is resistant to ranged and melee units while in the air, Bombers are still able to reach her with their explosions.

  • NOTE: Once Thera is in Flight of the Foretold, she cannot be interrupted. Both her heal & the Healing Ward ability won't be usable until she reaches the ground!

Is Thera OP?

While it is still too early to tell, there are a few factors we can use to analyze Thera's strength. There is no denying that a price of 600 gold and 400 mana crystal is a tough pill to swallow, especially when Thera can die and requires repurchasing. Based on how she currently works, Thera is not a suitable substitute for Merics altogether.

Using Thera comes with a commitment to utilizing her abilities to their fullest potential. While this seems simple enough, it is easy to get flustered in the heat of battle and make a mistake. Despite that, if properly timed, the ability to cheat death can be a powerful one indeed. Under the right conditions, it can be the difference between a narrow victory and an overwhelming defeat.

Overall, Thera has a hard time competing with other Generals in the early game, especially against Xiphos or Spearos. This is mainly due to her expensive cost and inability to deal damage. However, Stick War 3 is still in BETA, where nothing is final and everything is subject to change. Thera could very easily find herself in the center of the meta one day with the right adjustments!

Fun facts

  • Thera is the first non-attacking General to be added to Stick War 3!

  • Thera feels betrayed by Spearos, who left her and others long ago. According to Spearos, "he can explain".

  • Thera was previously featured in a Stick War 3 leaks video by AsePlayer!

  • Thera cannot stop Bombers from dying with Flight of the Foretold.

Now you know!

In this blog post, we covered Thera's background, information & her two abilities: Flight of the Foretold & Healing Ward (accompanied by visual demonstrations). You now know everything you need to use Thera in a game!

For a more in-depth commentary on Thera with extra footage of her in action, watch my latest video here!

What do you think of Thera and how will you use her in your deck? Leave a comment below!

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