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How to use NEW General SPEAROS in Stick War 3 BETA

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

The release of Spearos, one of two new Generals in Stick War 3 BETA, was met with overwhelming approval by the community! With the ability to freeze units, form an ice path, and buff ALL SPEARTONS, it goes without saying that Spearos is pretty cool. However, it can all get a bit complicated; so let's walk through it together.

In this post, we will be breaking down each of Spearos' powerful abilities with accompanying visual demonstrations, strategic analysis, fun facts & additional resources.

If you didn't know how to use Spearos before, you surely will after this!

It's time to learn:

How Thera works!


Spearos is the General known as the "Former Leader of the Speartons". He was initially introduced into the Stick War universe by CRAZYJAY on the official Stick War Discord on September 14, 2021. This was accompanied alongside an audio leak of Spearos telling his story.

For those who haven't seen it, you can view the Stick War 3 leak here.


  • Spearos is a Heavy General with the Order affiliation. He is the second Spearton General to be added to the game!

  • Spearos comes with 2 unique active abilities: Ice Path & Deep Freeze. He also has a standard block.

  • When Spearos spawns, he activates his bonus passive ability for all Speartons on the field. When he is defeated, the bonus passive ability is disabled.

Passive: Spearton Glacial Bonus

  • When Spearos spawns on the battlefield, he activates his passive ability. Both Spearos and all the Speartons under his command are granted a glacial bonus to their spear tips, causing units to slow down when hit.

  • This effect lasts as long as Spearos is undefeated, putting a special emphasis on keeping this General alive as much as possible.

  • The ability also works if Spearos is in garrison.

Active: Ice Path

  • Spearos begins to leave a freezing path that trails behind him.

  • All enemy units that walk on Spearos' frozen path will have the glacial status effect applied, slowing them down.

  • This is an ability that should be constantly on cooldown. Use it whenever you can with enemies present for maximum Spearos value!

  • Ice Path can also be used defensively to allow Spearos to escape imminent danger in some circumstances.

  • Melee units that are chasing down Spearos will have a hard time catching up to him when they are slowed by 30%!

Active: Deep Freeze

  • Enemies that are slowed down inside Spearos' AOE (area of effect) will experience a deep freeze, slowing them down even further and causing frostbite damage.

  • NOTE: If you use Deep Freeze around enemy units that are not slowed down, they will NOT receive any effect from the ability.

  • This ability applies to all forms of slow, whether it be from a snow squall, glacial fletching, Spearos himself, etc.

Is Spearos OP?

While it is still too early to tell, there are a few factors we can use to analyze Spearos' strength. Although Spearos' cooldowns have been nerfed recently, there is no denying that he is still a much better value than the current Leader of the Speartons, Atreyos. While Spearos does not serve as a substitute to Atreyos, Spearos feels like more of a "fleshed-out" character with their unique abilities and strong Spearton passive effect.

Unlike with other Generals such as Thera, it is not required to User Control Spearos to get significant value from him. This is due to the aforementioned passive ability, as well as his powerful active abilities that have long cooldowns. This makes Spearos ideal for not only 1v1 gameplay, but especially 2v2 gameplay (where things can get quite hectic with spam).

However, Spearos is still a very strong candidate for User Control, and you will find great success in utilizing Control Whip with his kit for that bonus backshot damage and extra speed. Spearos gets more value from this than most, as both his active abilities and passive incentivize aggressive play. Timing his deep freeze ability especially can be the difference between a narrow victory and an overwhelming defeat!

Overall, Spearos is definitely one of the top Generals at the moment, and he can be quite influential throughout the match. This is mainly because he is the most "fleshed-out" character, giving him a leg-up in the competition against his fellow Generals. Spearos may very well find himself in the center of a glacial-dominated meta if the cards align!

Spearos Fun Facts

Now you know!

In this blog post, we covered Spearos' background, passive ability & his two active abilities Ice Path & Deep Freeze (accompanied by visual demonstrations). You now know everything you need to use Spearos effectively in a game of Stick War 3!

For a more in-depth commentary on Spearos with extra footage of him in action, watch my latest video on him here!

What do you think of Spearos and how will you use him in your deck? Leave a comment below!

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