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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

In a surprising twist of events, the gruesome Juggerknights of the Chaos Empire have undergone some... interesting character development: they have decided to STRIP IT ALL!

"The problem I had with the Jug was if the spearton picks up an axe hes then a Jug" - CRAZYJAY

New Juggerknight LEAK
New Juggerknight LEAK

Now that the Juggerknight can feel the wind as free as can be, he can truly Chaaaarrrggeeee!!! into the fight at his highest potential!

However, this Stick War 3 Leak was met with negative reception from the hardcore Stick War fanbase. But how could this be? Isn't change always good? Well, not necessarily, contrary to what the creator of Stick War may believe... We'll dive into all that and more in the following post!

What's going on?

The Juggerknight, a Chaos tank unit, just got a major redesign. In place of flesh are mere bones, with more-detailed armor & weapon included. This is in stark contrast to the previous rendition of the Juggerknight, shown below:

Juggerknight Compare
Juggerknight Comparison 2012 vs 2022

Community Reaction

That's some serious whiplash, right? You are not alone. When this leak was posted, long-time Stick War YouTuber "s07" had this to say on the Stick War Discord:

"I honestly prefer the old jug design... This is BAD. Like really fking bad... I am sad now."

You can catch the rest of our reaction to these boner boys here!

While that's not particularly great, it doesn't get much better; veteran Stick War Discord Moderator Sector-3 had this to say:

"This design is just not right at all... a sad day today, cause we have to say goodbye to the juggerknight's skin."

One Stick War Discord member even seemed to like it, before immediately going through stages 1-3 of grief in 5 seconds:

"I don't mind the juggerknight look... but it's kinda... its bad."

Many fans are confused on why the change was even necessary, prompting the question on everyone's mind: if it wasn't broken before, why "fix" it now? What reason justifies causing this much tension within the community? Perhaps CRAZYJAY misinterpreted what made Jugs cool in the first place...

What Made Jugs Cool?

While CRAZYJAY seems to oppose the idea of Juggerknights looking similar to Speartons, many in the community actually saw this as a feature, not a bug.

Longtime player Eclipsor123 had this to say:

"It was unnerving (if you will) for little kids that Juggerknights look like your dudes... Perhaps someone even thought that their sword stickmen could beat him, as some swords can beat things. But after watching him tear through your swords and kill them brutally.. that was what made the juggerknight level memorable, even to this day."

He then goes on to emphasize "show, not tell - something the new Chaos designs fail at..."

"Now, if I asked a little kid whether a skeletal monster with glowing red eyes could eliminate his swordwrath, he'd probably say yes."

He certainly has a point. Where is the mystery in that? Let's see what CRAZYJAY had to say about this.

Developer Response

When pressed by the shocked community about why this change was made, CRAZYJAY explained that he didn't like that a Spearton could pick up an axe and effectively turn into a Juggerknight. However, in my opinion, this explanation makes zero sense in the context of Stick War itself.

Let's assume for a moment, this line of logic was true: if so, why does it stop at Speartons and Juggerknights? Why doesn't this concept expand to every other unit with a weapon in the game? Can a Swordwrath pick up a Sickle and turn into a Sicklewrath? Can a Miner pick up literally anything and just go to war? Why have classes at all at that point?

CRAZYJAY's line of logic suggests that Stick War 3 would essentially become a gigantic free-for-all where everyone scrambles for the best weapons. While this may be true in a real war scenario, that is where one of his most egregious logical fallacies comes into play.

The Main Rule of Stick War

Stick War only looks and feels the way that it does because the Units in the game follow set rules. Each unit being trained exclusively in the way of their one weapon is the LITERAL main rule of Stick War! It's literally in the Intro!

"Devoted to their INDIVIDUAL Technology"

Effectively, CRAZYJAY's explanation is like fanfiction come to life, from the main developer of the game, no less!

It's not a great look, and in my opinion, it actually comes off pretty tone-deaf to make another change for the sake of change to a beloved character like this; it's not too dissimilar to the Bomber-Boomer fiasco earlier in the Summer as many of you will recall. Take Mario for example: imagine if Nintendo turned Waluigi into Dry Bones! You can tell me he fell into a vat of acid all you want, but I'm not buying it.

It is worth noting that CRAZYJAY would not have had to try to explain this away if he did not receive backlash & criticism. Can you believe he completely changed the Juggerknight's identity based on a hypothetical that would never even exist in the first place? Me either. Unfortunately, it seems CJ's recent ideas do not stand up to scrutiny. We actually already know the reason for this change, based on a prior Stick War 3 leak:

New Juggerknight Design Sucks

The REAL Reason Jugs Were Changed

Contrary to CJ's earlier statement, the real reason Stick War 3 is suffering this mediocre change was already leaked a long time ago: "because lore". What a terrible reason to do a tone-deaf maneuver like this without careful consideration of the community.

What's ironic about it as well, is in CRAZYJAY's pursuit to distinguish the Juggerknight from the Spearton, he has never looked more like a Spearton reskin than right now! How did you even manage to do that?

Final Thoughts

I don't know if I have ever seen a developer go this far out of their way to unnecessarily upset their community. This begs the question: how can you blame this game's shortcomings on it being in beta... when it is really poor decision making?

CRAZYJAY's refusal to admit his mistakes, in my opinion, really makes it feel like CRAZYJAY is making this game for himself, not others. Who knows how long he has been going down this path? I guess this is what happens when fame and success gets to your head: you think you run the show...

Coming Soon: The Sins of Stick War 3 (5+ hour conversation, only at

If only CRAZYJAY had someone who he could communicate his ideas through and get feedback, kind of like a quality assurance guy or something. That would save us from a lot of these embarrassing situations I think. But hey, what do I know? I am only a Stick War Expert (CRAZYJAY's words, not mine).

What do you think of the new Juggerknight Design?

  • It's Cool!

  • It's Mid...

  • It's Lame!

What do you think of this new Stick War 3 Leak? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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Oct 02, 2022

Im worried that marrowkai suddenly has skin


Secret ⠀
Secret ⠀
Sep 10, 2022

Juggerknight was definitely one of the coolest Chaos units, if not the coolest. Now it's one of the worst.


Captain  Padraig
Captain Padraig
Sep 10, 2022

I want my Human Juggerknights back.


Sep 08, 2022

CJ siad they might get a skin with some skin on it.


Sep 08, 2022

Also, here's a meme I made about it.

Sep 12, 2022
Replying to

Swap the axe and the spear to confuse CJ even more

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